Image and Video Forgery Detection

  • Dr. M.K. Bhowmik and his research team is actively involved in the domain of Multimedia Forensics (i.e., forgery detection in Images and Videos). Detection of forgery is a very challenging task itself. Moreover, detecting the forgery in multimedia content (i.e., image/ video) becomes more complicated when fraud occurs in outdoor scenarios. In the outdoor scenarios, forgery detection is challenging because outdoor images often suffer from limited visibility due to low light or other associated particles in the air that scatter the light in the atmosphere. There is still a massive performance degradation of imaging devices under inclement weather, which poses a challenge to digital media forgery detection applications.

  • Scope:

  • Our Contribution in the Proposed Domain:

    Designing of Object Splicing Video Dataset in Degraded Atmospheric/ Weather Conditions:
    Main contributive features of the designed Outdoor Degraded Spliced Video Dataset (ODSVD) are:

  • Figure 1. Some of the Sample Images of Outdoor Degraded Spliced Video Dataset (ODSVD).

  • Featured Article(s) in the Proposed Domain:
    1. Santanu Das, Sourav Dey Roy and Mrinal Kanti Bhowmik "A Methodological Survey on Fake Data Generation in Multimedia Forensics", Accepted in IEEE Region 10 Symposium (TENSYMP-2022) Conference, IIT-Bombay, Mumbai, India, to be published by IEEE, will be held on 1st-3rd July, 2022.

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