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Cyber Forensics/ Image and Video forgery

Made by Santanu

  1. Basic Fundametals of Digital Forgery, Types of Forgery over Image and Video.
  2. Survey on State of The Art Image splicing dataset.

Made by Saswata

  1. A Study on Digital Forgery Detction over Image and Video based on Deep Learning.
  2. Image Splicing Detection using Prediction Error Filter in Constrained Convolution Layer.

Made by Joydeep

  1. Basics of Deepfakes Creation & Detection of Face images & Objects
  2. Challenges of Deepfakes Creation of Human Faces.
  3. Challenges of Deepfakes Creation of Objects.

Made by Mainak

  1. Analysis of Crime Scene Forgery towards Digital Forensics over Images.
  2. Introduction to Deepfake Creation Generation of Fake Face images
  3. Deepfake object Creation using classifier’s posterior GAN

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