Mrinal Kanti Bhowmik, Ph.D. (Engg.)
Department of Computer Science and Engineering
Tripura University (A Central University)



1. Served as a Member for Academic Purchaser Committee, Tripura University, Vide No. F.TU/FIN(259)/(P)/14, Dated: 18/11/2019.

2. Served as a Member for Project monitoring committee for(ongoing major construction works under the office of the Executive Engineer Tripura University), Vide No. F.TU/Engg.CELL/UCW/36/09/2118-2126, Dated: 07/03/2019.

3. Appointed as a Head In-Charge, Department of Computer Science & Engineering, w.e.f 01/02/2019, Vide No. TU/REG/Appt/HOD/01/07(Vol-V), Dated: 21.12.2018.

4. Served as a Member of Technical Commitee for smooth functioning of the Bioinformatics Centre, Tripura University, Vide No. TU/REG/FDC/02/2014, Dated: December, 2018.

5. Served as a Member for Technical Commitee for Pre-Ph.D. Course work Programme during ongoing session 2018 - 2019, Tripura University, Vide no. TU/REG/FDC/02/2014, Dated: November, 2018.

6. Served as a Member of Faculty Development Centre, Tripura University, Vide No. F.TU/REG/FDC/02/14, Dated: 08/11/2018.


1. Served as a Member for scrutiny of all Technical Specification of Workstation Computer,Graphics Tablet,UPS for B.Voc Programme", Vide No.F.TU/FIN/B.Voc/315/15, Dated: 10/09/2018.

2. Served as a Member of Constitution of Special Purpose Commitee,Tripura University, Vide No.F.TU/COE/07/Misc/2018, Dated:10/09/2018.

3. Served as a Coordinator of Computer Foundation Course: Skill-III, Vide No. TU/REG/G-Admin/04/2015(Vol-I) , Dated:07/08/2018.


1. Served as a Member of "A Monitoring Committee of CCTV System", Vide No.F.TU/REG//FDC/02/2016, Dated: 6/4/2017.

2. Served as a Member for preparation of data relating to the " Internal Quality Assurance Cell(IQAC),Tripura University " , Vide No.F.TU/REG/UGC Audit/01/2017,Dated:12/06/2017.

3. Served as a Member for scrutiny of all Technical Specification of Laptop, Desktop Computer , Vide No.F.TU/Comp./12/Vol-VIII/15 , Dated:22/03/2017.

4. Member of the Committee for conducting the classes for PhD course work Research Methodology Paper-I(Unit-I) , Dated: 06/04/2017.

5. Member of the Committee of inconnection with inspection of materials received from NICSI from extension of Wi-Fi service , Vide No.F.TU/FIN/WIFI/368/16, Dated:03/03/2017.


1. Member of the Committee for of Interview board of " Tripura Institute of Paramedical Sciences (TIPS),Hapania", Vided No.F.TU/DIR.CDC/TIPMS/47/2014, Dated:03/02/2016.

2. Served as a Member of the Committee set-up to review and propose the draft Statues/Ordinances/Regulations under Tripura University Act,2006, Vide No.F.TU/REG/MEETINGS/01/2015 , Dated: 28/01/2106.


1. Member of the Committee for preparation and presentation of Tripura University stall in the State wise Exhibition at Umakanta Academy ground, Agartala during State hood-Day from 21st to 25th January, 2015, Vide No. F.TU/REG/FDC/02/2014, Dated: 16th January, 2015.


1. Member of the Purchase Committee for "Science Faculty" including "Engineering Faculty", Vide No. F.TU/FIN/Academic(Arts & Commerce)/19/07, Dated: 10th December, 2013 to 9th December, 2014.

2. Member Convenor of the Committee fto Develop Policies on Checking Plagarism before Acceptance of Ph.D. thesis by the Tripura University, Vide No. F.TU/REG/INFLIBNET/01/2011 , Dated: 4th December, 2014.

3. Nominated as a Coordinator of R & D inputs for collaborative R & D Portal – an initiative of DeitY, Vide No. F.TU/REG/Gen-Adm (Misc)/01/2014, Dated: 11th August, 2014.

4. Member of the Committee for disposal of the obsolete and non-serviceable items including examinations old papers/materials, Tripura University, Vide No. F.TU/REG/Disposal/02/2013, Dated: 5th February, 2014 and 13th February, 2014 and also member of the re-constituted Committee for disposal of the obsolete and non-serviceable items, Tripura University, Vide No. F.TU/REG/FDC/02/2014, Dated: 16th December, 2014.


1. Member of the Committee for arranging video-conferencing in Tripura University in connection with the President of India's New Year video message using NKN, Vide No. TU/REG/PMTVC/01/2013, Dated: 6th December, 2013.

2. Member of the "Board of Faculty of Studies(BFS)" for the Faculty of Science, Tripura University, Vide No. F.TU/REG/BFS/01/2012, Dated: 14th May, 2013.


1. Selected for a Member of the Committee for examining the feasibility for granting provisional affiliation to Gomati District Polytechnic, Udaipur, Vide No. F.TU/REG/Ac/GDP/02/12, Dated: 11th December, 2012.

2. Member of the Program Committee of the 47th Annual National Convention of Computer Society of India (CSI 2012), Convention Event: International Conference on Intelligent Infrastructure, Organized by: CSI Kolkata Chapter, Science City, Kolkata, India, Date: December 1-2, 2012.

3. Member of the Committee for Examining the Feasibility for Granting Permanent Affiliation to Tripura Institute of Technology, Narsingarh, Vide No. F.TU/REG/Aca/TIT/27/07 (Vol-1), Dated: 21st November, 2012.

4. Member of the Expert Committee to examine all papers relating to the "Expression of Interest" for the work 'Automation of End to End Examination Management' in Tripura University, Vide No. F.TU/REG/N-Advt./02/2010, Dated:16th November, 2012.

5. Member of the Alumini Committee for National Institute of Technology, Agartala (Formerly Tripura Engineering College Alumini), Dated:11th August, 2012

6. Member of the Committee for Organizing a Workshop on "E-Governance" on 25th March, 2012, Vide No. F.TU/REG/MISC/02/2012, Dated:12th March, 2012


1. Assigned as the "Head In-charge" of Department of Computer Science & Engineering since 5th August, 2010 to 22nd December, 2015.

2. Member of the Technical Committee (AMC) of Tripura University (A Central University),Suryamaninagar - 799022, Tripura (W).

3. IEEE Senior Member (91211841), ACM Member (5810527), SPIE Member (3377801).

4. Nominated to attend the seminar on "Cyber Crime & Cyber Forensics" organized jointly by C.I.D. Tripura and C-DAC Kolkata, a society under Ministry of Communications & IT, Govt. of India, in Agartala, Tripura, Dated:24th November, 2010


1. Representative of Tripura University for attending the meeting of Technical Committee for Evaluation of Automatic Finger Print Identification System (AFIS) at the office of Superintendent of Police (CID), A. D. Nagar, Agartala, September, 2009.


1. Member of Steering Committee for the “Tripura State Science Fair -2006, 2007 and 2008 of Tripura State Council for Science and Technology, Govt. of Tripura


1. Member of Blood Donation Camp committee in National Institute of Technology(NIT,Agartala) held on 24th October, 2006.

2. Been assigned as a NSS Assistant Coordinator in National Institute of Technology(NIT,Agartala), Agartala on August, 2006.

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